Blu-ray / DVD Drives

Blu-ray / DVD Drives : Blu-ray remains the standard for high-end movie playback from removable media, so you’ll need a compatible drive if you want to use these high-capacity discs. Single-layer and dual-layer discs with capacities of 25GB and 50GB are available, and drives come in several types: larger desktop drives, laptop drives, and super-slim slot-loading types. Blu-ray drives are backwards compatible with DVD discs too, so you only need one drive in your PC or laptop. External Optical Drives Blu-Ray Drives (External) DVD Drives (External) Internal 5.25" Optical Drives Blu-ray Drives (Desktop PC) DVD Drives (Desktop PC) Internal Slimline Optical Drives Blu-ray Drives (Laptop/SFF) DVD Drives (Laptop/SFF) Magnetic Drives Floppy Disk Drives Optical Disc Duplicators CD/DVD Duplicators
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